Noise Solutions’ family of Emcon (Emissions Control Silencer) Engine Exhaust Silencers is an effective solution to combat engine noise and Co2 emissions. It combines Noise Solutions’ industry-leading Zeron® Engine Exhaust Silencer with a catalytic converter made of of precious metals to offer superior noise reduction, long-life operation, fewer service hours and a lower cost of ownership.

Unlike the Zeron, this integrated solution is designed to allow the catalytic
converter to sit low to the ground, eliminating the cost of maintenance platforms, catwalks and cranes.
The EmCon provides operators with confidence that their mufflers will be in regulatory compliance with the most stringent environmental operating permit. It not only helps to keep your facility quiet, but the EmCon also effectively reduces emissions from rich- and lean-burn natural gases, along with diesel stationary engines.

Below is the DIL Table for the Emcon Silencer










This chart provides the Octave Band Centre Frequency (Hz) and the Dynamic Insertion Loss (dB) for the EmCon 45 through 65.