zeron_final.jpgNoise Solutions’ family of Zeron (ZERONoise) Engine Exhaust Silencers are acoustically engineered to provide best-in-class engine exhaust removal. These powerful mufflers target the most pervasive and troublesome noise – the low frequency end of the noise spectrum that conventional mufflers can’t effectively control.

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In additional to the table below, 500 series M models are also available.

Octave Band Center Frequency (Hz)
Dynamic Insertion Loss(dB) for the Zeron 55 through 70


Value-Added Advantages

  • Silencers can be used on engines ranging from 50 Hp to 5000 Hp, and all models of Ajax engines, the oldest continuous engine product line that has been utilized in the oil and gas industry for 130 years.
  • Corrosion allowance of 5 times the industry average provides unparalleled longevity
  • Integrated sacrificial anode offers further corrosion protection
  • Minimal system back pressure enables engines to run at peak efficiency
  • Achieves typical noise reduction of 50 – 60 dBA


  • Acoustically-treated Engine Air Intake Silencers are designed and sized for each engine’s unique combustion air requirements
  • Internal acoustic treatment eliminates radiated noise from the muffler shell
  • Superior insulation keeps muffler cool for operator safety

Zeron is a Registered Trademark in Canada and the United States.