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From 65 dBA to 50 dBA, Noise Solutions Brings Silence to Susquehanna County

Watch a video that demonstrates superior noise control at the Auburn Compressor Station, located in Susquehanna County, Auburn, Pennsylvania.

The maximum permissible noise limit of 50 dBA at 350 feet for this Compressor Station project was modeled after Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission Noise Regulations, as Susquehanna County would only later institute its own local noise ordinance after the site was completed. The nearest resident to the site is as close as 590 feet (180 meters) from the facility, so installing robust noise control equipment was of great importance.

Based on Noise Impact Assessments that Noise Solutions done previously on the Auburn site, predicted untreated noise levels were between 60-65 dBA at the property lines. That wasn’t surprising as equipment on the Auburn site included four Caterpillar G 3516 engines with two Air X Changers 132 EH and two 144EH coolers.

To achieve the maximum target of 50 dBA at 350 feet, Noise Solutions installed a complete package of custom noise suppression equipment. This included high-performing Zeron® Engine Exhaust Silencers, Cooler Inlet and Outlet Silencers packaged with an acoustically engineered enclosure, along with integrated acoustical ventilation inlet and outlet hoods and engine air intake silencers to significantly reduce the overall noise footprint of the Auburn facility.

When you are at the facility today, passing trucks are louder than the collective 6,000+ horsepower of facility equipment.

Watch the video and hear it for yourself.

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