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BOSS Buildings & Structures is your one stop, single source contracting solution for all of your structural needs. Watch your vision come to life straight from our designer’s desk to the field installation With a controlled manufacturing environment there is less site disturbance and less material waste with lean manufacturing processes allowing us to provide products that meet our clients budgetary needs. Here at BOSS we commit to total transparency and clear communication ensuring we supply a product that offers innovative engineering and design with quality craftsmanship that meets specific operational needs while fulfilling the scope of the project. Solutions start here. Serving all of North America with manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania, United States and Alberta, Canada.

Why Choose BOSS?

Less Site Disturbance

On-site traffic is drastically decreased reducing the risk of injury to workers and exposure to hazardous construction conditions.

Lean Manufacturing

Factory built components eliminates waste by recycling materials and maintaining consistent quality control throughout production, saving you up to 50% on your entire construction project.

Faster Construction Means Faster Production

Manufacturing of your building begins simultaneously while you are preparing your site for construction. This eliminates the weather factor and cuts onsite construction time by up to 50%.

Safer Construction

Our innovative approach to building design decreases the exposure of workers to hazardous construction environments reducing the risk of accidents and related liabilities.

Customizable Solutions

We meet all of your structural needs with our design flexibility and structural stability combined with features, such as, Electrical Packages, Doors & Windows, HVAC Packages, Sound and Temperature Control, and more!


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