Modular Buildings & Enclosures

Modular Building

Compared to a conventional rigid-frame building design, this Modular Building utilizes a ‘building block’ assembly process is an ideal method for addressing challenging construction situations. Modular design allows for a higher level of customization while still providing the functionality of a traditional framed structure. Field installation is quick and efficient, with less operational downtime.

Unlike a rigid-frame building, modular enclosures are designed to be as adaptable as possible, focusing on the flexibility and versatility that other structural designs cannot equally provide.

The modules are pre-fabricated as larger segments of the final structure, which are then shipped to the customer site and pieced together from the foundation up. Using a crane, these self-contained segments are set onto the building’s foundation and jointed together to make a single structure.

Each of our acoustic models are engineered to meet any shipping constraints, building codes, and snow and wind loads.

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How Does it Work?

  1. Wing wall sections are pre-assembled then shipped to site in completed sections.
  2. Front and rear skid wall sections are shipped as loose parts and assembled on site.
  3. Roof sections with removable panels are pre-assembled in large segments.
  4. Crane rail and posts are integrated into wall sections for added structural strength. (If crane is already in place, we can tie in to existing supports.)

Cost-Effective and Versatile

The majority of the enclosure arrives on site as whole pieces, which makes construction of the building less than half of the time of a rigid structure. That means fewer labourers are required with fewer man hours.

These modular enclosures are an ideal alternative for remote or rural areas when conventional field construction is not feasible, or for tightly-constrained locations where sizing is restricted and room for erection is limited. They also work well as a temporary facility as they’re easily disassembled, relocated, and re-assembled without compromising the structural integrity of the building.

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