Engineering and Design

civileng - eng des pageOil, gas, power and mining facilities, among others, have numerous industrial noise sources that need to be considered when building new facilities or where local regulations are in place.

Noise Solutions’ team of engineers and designers work together to innovate best-in-class industrial noise suppression equipment. And to ensure facilities across North America maintain positive and productive reputations with local regulators and nearby residents.

To achieve our goal of unparalleled industrial noise suppression, Noise Solutions’ highly-skilled team of engineers and designers take the following into consideration:

  • Results from the Noise Impact Assessment
  • Source Order Ranked Sound Power Levels
  • Order Ranked Sound Pressure Levels
  • Area topography
  • Prevailing weather
  • Site operating conditions
  • Location of neighboring communities and residents
  • Local Noise Regulations
  • Targeted noise attenuation



Noise Solutions is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)