Noise Solutions

engineering solutions

Noise Solutions offers a range of industrial products that are designed to effectively trap noise within a facility. Whether for gas well compressor noise, mining noise, heat pump compressor noise or any industry-based noise, each Noise Solutions product utilizes advanced noise control engineering along with extensive industry participation to ensure our best-in-class solution meets acoustical and operational demands in the field.

BOSS Buildings

BOSS Buildings & Structures is your one stop, single source contracting solution for all of your structural needs. Watch your vision come to life straight from our designer’s desk to the field installation With a controlled manufacturing environment there is less site disturbance and less material waste with lean manufacturing processes allowing us to provide products that meet our clients budgetary needs.

Engineered Noise Control

Noise Solutions offers many services for your Engineered Noise Control needs. We offer many types of Sound Surveys including Noise Impact Assessments, both actual, theoretical, and hybrid.

Noise solutions' blueprint

1. Analyze Issue

Pinpoint the exact steps needed to reach regulatory compliance

2. Engineer

Design practical solutions targeted to your specific needs

3. Manufacturing

Ensure on-time delivery and consistent quality

4. Installation

Fast, professional installation with minimal facility downtime

If you have questions about our services or products please contact us at 1-877-No-Noise or email [email protected]