Noise Solutions


As North America’s foremost provider of quality industrial noise cancelling products and services, Noise Solutions manufacturing facilities are home to more than 26,000 square feet in western Canada and 55,000 square feet in Eastern US. This ensures we have the capability to produce a full line of noise attenuation equipment, from acoustic buildings, walls, enclosures and ventilation, to engine exhaust and cooler fan silencers.

Our manufacturing process is initiated with client consultation to ensure our products fit seamlessly with an operator’s existing equipment and enhance the overall facility performance, while complementing the facility’s overall aesthetic profile.

Our Manufacturing Practices

Skilled plant staff use several effective best practices when building Noise Solutions equipment. This includes:

  • Galvanized steel fastened with lock washers to provide rugged long-term performance in the roughest applications
  • High-end acoustical insulation to provide superior noise control and a cooler, safer work environment
  • High heat powder coating to provide rust-resistant finishes and superior corrosion allowances to extend life of equipment
  • Vibration isolators to minimize operational fatigue on equipment