Noise Solutions has extensive knowledge and experience providing comprehensive and cost-effective industrial noise compliance solutions to a variety of industries. Since 1997, our surefire process has addressed noise and vibration regulations throughout North America. We tailor each solution to meet our customer’s schedule, budget, environmental and regulatory requirements.


For thousands of marine staff working aboard marine craft, noise is a significant part of everyday life.
Any ship, whether a small workboat or a military aircraft carrier, can create an enormous amount of noise. They’re each equipped with diesel engines, pumps, large hydraulic systems and more, making noise control a critical factor. Quieting shipboard noise is not only important for mission success through hostile waters, but it also leads to improved crew morale and performance, lower long-term hearing loss and reduced crew fatigue.




Military Vehicles, Tanks and Artillery are extremely noisy, and the concern about noise exposure and hearing loss among military personnel has been evident for years. The sources of noise in the military are as varied as the activities carried out by its members. Obvious sources of potentially hazardous noise are weapons systems and jet engines, but vehicles, other aircraft, watercraft, communication systems and industrial-type activities also serve as sources of potentially damaging noise.