Meet Taylor Hamilton

This month, we sat down with Taylor Hamilton, the Assistant to Noise Solutions’ Vice President of Operations. And as we discover, Taylor is an integral part of the Noise Solutions Manufacturing team.

DSC00010 2Growing up in Stettler, Alberta, Taylor moved to Delburne, Alberta in 2010 and began working at the Noise Solutions Manufacturing plant in 2012. Taylor shares her courageous journey of how she made the leap, not only to the tiny town of Delburne, which is home to a population of 765, but also how she advanced very quickly within her roles and responsibilities at Noise Solutions Manufacturing.

Please tell us about your roles at Noise Solutions Manufacturing

Taylor: I started working in the plant as an Assembler in August of 2012, which involved assembling our buildings and ventilation. It’s one of the most physical jobs I’ve ever held and it was such an awesome experience for me. I had never done anything like that before. Out of high school, I became Manager at Second Cup in Red Deer, Alberta, which I held for two years. After that, I worked for Bullseye Environmental, spraying weeds for oil field companies. Both of these jobs I enjoyed very much. Then, when I came over to Noise Solutions, I knew right away big opportunities were here for me.

Two or three months into my job, the new VP of Operations was hired and the first time we met I expressed my interest in moving from the plant floor into the office to get more involved with the project management side of things. I didn’t realize then how valuable that conversation was because a week later he created a new position for me and brought me into the office as his assistant. As I thought I would, I loved it!

Even though I only worked on the plant floor for a few months, having that experience and being able to touch the product has really benefited me in my current role. I understand the products and components. I know what they are, how to categorize them and how their made. It was the perfect way for me to step into the role I have today.


What is a typical day like for you at Noise Solutions Manufacturing?

Taylor: First and foremost, I assist the VP of Operations to help him achieve his goals for the company. If I can make his day easier, then he can focus on what he needs to do to ensure success is achieved. My days also involve taking the load off many different roles within the plant office that were previously overloaded. My manager has given me the opportunity to expose my hand in various departments, such as administration, payroll, project management, field crew, scheduling, data entry, creating purchase orders and anything else I’m needed for. And when necessary, I go back out onto the floor to help there. I feel very fortunate to be exposed to so many areas within the company, and with that, receiving the experience that I am.

It’s rewarding for me to help the VP with whatever he needs done because I know that when I help him, he can IMG 2247focus more on the growth of the company. And I love knowing that I am a part of the bigger picture. I think we’re a good team and we complement each other well.

I also attend all Project Management and Production meetings. That’s my time to find out what jobs are confirmed or have changed, and what needs to be booked. We discuss the requirements of each job and what’s involved so that I can determine what field crew members will fit each job best. Each crew member has different skills, so if I can discuss with the Project Manager what the job requires, I can be sure we put the right crew members on that job.


What do you find most inspiring at Noise Solutions?

Taylor: I really love experiencing the growth of the company. It’s exciting to be part of the expansion of the new Noise Solutions plant in Sharon, Pennsylvania, and also seeing the company put their footprint on the map like that. I think the plant in Sharon is integrating well with the plant in Delburne, and I’ve loved meeting all of the new people that are being hired out there. I will be at the plant in Sharon in a few weeks and I’m super excited to see how everyone’s hard work has benefited us. While I’m there, I’ll be training new staff on the systems we use for payroll and data entry.

It motivates me to be part of the operations and project management teams and to know they’ve invested a great amount of trust in me to handle many different tasks. It also means a lot to know that my opinion matters. For the VP of Operations to take my opinion into consideration is a great feeling.


Can you share one of your most proud accomplishments since working at Noise Solutions?

Taylor: I was pretty ‘green’ when I came into the office. I didn’t have a lot of experience in the role I was given and it motivated me to learn and further my knowledge and education. That’s when I registered myself into the Project Management Certification through Mount Royal University’s Continuing Education program. Completing the six month course was a huge accomplishment for me that I’m really proud of. And the integration of that course to my job has really benefited me. My productivity is higher and it helped me really understand how to manage my projects and everyday tasks.

I found the course really interesting and I was pretty dedicated to it, especially since it applied to my job. After my day at Noise Solutions, I’d go home and do school work two hours each night. I now hold a Project Management Certificate that I’m really proud of.

The course made me hungry to really want to learn and explore new areas of what my role is today. Not only did I learn a lot but it also gave me confidence in my job, and as a valuable contributor to decisions.

I really want to learn more about Operations. I’ve been involved in the operations process, but I want to continue getting more experience. I’ve been here a year and a half and I feel I still have so much more to learn. I also want to take more courses to continue learning and brushing up on my skills. My long-term goal is to one day run my own operation.


Would you like to share any final thoughts?

Taylor: I’m very thankful for the direction and support that I’ve received from the Senior Management team. They’ve seen my potential and they’ve given me so many great opportunities for it. Noise Solutions rewards eager employees. I don’t think that’s common at other companies and that’s what differentiates Noise Solutions from rest. I am thankful for what I’ve been given here.

Every day the company grows to something else. It’s never ending. It’s exciting to be part of a company like this. NS