Neron Engine Exhaust Silencer — The Smarter Silencer Choice

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Originally specialized in high attenuation performance silencers, we have incorporated  a new line of silencers for the everyday needs of our industry the Neron nearly a Zeron.

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Manufactured from carbon steel and powder coated in high temperature black for improved corrosion resistance, our silencers are designed to add minimal back pressure and bolt up to standard ANSI flanges .

Sized to your engines specific requirements, our new models  offer attenuation reductions ranging from 25 dBA – 45dBA .

Sound Facts on the Neron

  • Lifting lugs for ease of installation
  • Vertical and horizontal orientation available
  • Multiple flange configurations available
  • Dished end bells reduce fatigue
  • 2 x NPT Drains for draining condensing gases. Increase longevity of your silencer

DIL (Dynamic Insertion Loss) Table