man measuring noise
Noise Solutions Employee completes a Noise Impact Assessment on site.

A Noise Impact Assessment (NIA) is an analytical examination of noise that emits from a facility, its significance relative to local regulatory limits, and what needs to be done to ensure the facility is in compliance.

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An effective NIA will include the following steps:

  1. Specialized technicians take specific and detailed measurements of various noise sources at a facility.
  2. The sound power data received is derived from the existing onsite equipment manufacturer’s data, sound pressure measurements, or theoretical calculations.
  3. A report is produced that provides accurate noise levels that may be out of compliance and impacting a specific radius from the facility and nearby residents.
  4. A detailed Source Order Ranking Table is provided identifying and prioritizing the loudest noise sources that require attenuation.
  5. A Permissible Sound Level (PSL) is established based on distance, dwelling unit density & proximity to transportation corridors along with engineered noise control recommendations.