Noise Solutions Supports Flood Victims in Alberta

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Rebuilding a Stronger Alberta

CALGARY, Alberta – June 24, 2013 – Noise Solutions Inc. thanks the many clients, vendors and friends around the world who have reached out about the devastating floods in Southern Alberta, Canada. During a time of unprecedented challenges, businesses are closed, thousands of people are displaced and enormous damage has impacted the province.

“I am enlightened to see how the Canadian Military, Emergency Workers, Volunteers and residents have rallied together and are working diligently to help the affected dwellers regain their lives and bring our beautiful city back to its splendor,” says Noise Solutions president and CEO, Scott MacDonald. “I am grateful that Noise Solutions and our employees in Calgary were relatively unscathed during the worst flood Alberta has ever experienced. And our manufacturing plant in Northern Alberta continues to operate at full efficiency.”

Operating in Alberta since 1997, Noise Solutions is committed to supporting Calgary and the many affected communities throughout Southern Alberta with a donation of $10,000 to the Canadian Red Cross. “Our hearts go out to our vibrant province and everyone impacted by this devastation,” says MacDonald.

The Canadian Red Cross is in need of monetary donations that will contribute to restoring the province and thousands of businesses impacted. Visit for more information.

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