Noise Solutions to be Featured on 21st Century Business Television series

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Boca Raton, FL – July 17, 2013
Noise Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that it will be featured on Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc.’s 21st Century Business Television. Based in South Florida, USA, 21st Century Business is an award-winning weekly television show independently produced by Multi-Media Productions. The show provides its business viewers an in depth opportunity to discover solutions that address specific issues within various industries from some of the top business leaders from around the world.

Noise Solutions provides a broad range of services to help clients understand the nature of noise and how it can be controlled to constructively manage relationships with landowners (environmental noise), employees (occupational noise) and regulators, and determine the most effective noise solution.

Whether for gas well compressor noise, heat pumps, haul trucks, Industrial Plants, Power Facilities, or NASA’s Shuttle Crawler Transporters, Noise Solutions is equipped to handle any heavy industrial noise. Each product utilizes advanced noise control engineering with extensive industry participation to ensure it meets acoustical and operational demands in the field.

“We’re honored to be invited on 21st Century Business,” says Noise Solutions president and CEO, Scott MacDonald. “This is a very exciting time for the company as we continue to grow and expand into new industries and territories, all with an environmental focus towards client excellence.”

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming at Multi Media Productions, added, “As an innovator and a leader in the Noise Control Industry, Noise Solutions is a natural fit for our show. We are excited to have them as a guest on our program.”

Also as past president of Entrepreneurs’ Organization‘s Calgary, Alberta chapter, and current Learning Director for the Canadian Region, MacDonald is passionate about fuelling the Entrepreneurial Engine. At the young age of 22, he founded Noise Solutions Inc. with his father, Rod in 1997. Since then, the company has grown to be North America’s premiere industry leader of engineered turnkey industrial noise control, providing products and services that ensure harmony between industry and community.

For more information on Noise Solutions, visit or call toll free at 1.877.NO.NOISE. Follow Noise Solutions on social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

About 21st Century Business
21st Century Business is an award winning targeted business show that is independently produced by Multi-Media Productions. The show provides its business viewers an in depth opportunity to find solutions to the industry problems from some of the top business leaders from across the world. Each exclusive segment is taped in our state of the art South Florida Studio.

Once selected, companies are able to present their story and solutions to industry problems in an exclusive way that sets their company apart from the others. With more than 6,000 companies participating on over 600 shows, 21st Century Business continues to be the premier and targeted outlet for the latest business stories.

21st Century Business airs on various national cable networks that are viewed by over 100 million viewers nationwide as well as internationally via DirecTV and Dish Network. The show can also be viewed through video on demand via The 21CBTV Series is also available at more than 27 prestigious college universities, including Carnegie Mellon University, Howard University, Dartmouth College and Georgetown University.

For specific market-by-market air dates and times, please e-mail [email protected] For more information, please visit

About Noise Solutions Inc.
Noise Solutions Inc. is committed to its existing core competencies in the turnkey delivery of noise control programs for energy, mining, aerospace and various other industries. Superior product lines and unparalleled customer service management strategies help to maintain Noise Solutions as the preferred provider for industrial noise control and will likely result in an increasing share of the overall market sector. To offset the volatile nature of the energy and mining industries Noise Solutions Inc. has embarked on an aggressive campaign to break into areas with similar industrial needs and to explore new market sector products.

On the market side, one area that Noise Solutions intends to target more is the area of occupational noise management. In this regard Noise Solutions Inc. will be establishing relationships with Health Safety & Environment departments to assess the needs regarding worker noise exposure and then develop appropriate technology and tools to address identified concerns. This work would dovetail with the Noise Solutions Qzone Compliant Program to provide a complete holistic approach for industrial operators regarding occupational noise management.

Noise is clearly recognized as a significant societal issue from a quality of life to human health perspective. Noise is often an underestimated and under-valued form of pollution. Yet with the population explosion encroachment to and by industry, and higher standards of livings are putting pressure on governments to strictly regulate and enforce against noise pollution.

The realization of steady growth through innovative products and new market sectors will successfully place Noise Solutions Inc. at the pinnacle of the noise control industry.


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