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Our People

At Noise Solutions, we understand that our people are our greatest asset. Each employee and their role at Noise Solutions contributes to ensuring every customer receives the best results – whether that’s with their noise control needs, their equipment and facilities, the communities that surround their facilities, or with regulators that govern them.

In this section of the website, we introduce you to some of the people that work here, their various roles and the strong company culture that has been built around our employees.

Featured Employee

Rick Girt Designer

Meet Rick, an artist turned Mechanical Engineer who with perseverance married the girl of his dreams, went on to have a wonderful family, wields a gun, but not the kind you think, and enjoys relaxing while puffing on one of his favorite cigars.

Rick’s creativity, thirst for life, and desire for continuous improvement makes him an incredible addition to the Noise Solutions team.

Take a peek into this Designer’s life inside and outside of the Noise Solutions office!

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Previously Featured

Shawna Hickey               Andy Folks               Annie Drohan
Shawna Hickey             Andy Folks                 Annie Drohan