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Qzone Compliance

Qzone logo croped and tp-shrunkFacility owners and operators want to ensure their buildings and industrial equipment is compliant with local noise regulations. And it’s important that the profile and reputation of their industrial operation is in good standing with nearby residents, which often results in greater acceptance of future projects, and reduced delays from lengthy and costly dispute resolution processes or public hearings.

This is achieved when companies enroll in the Qzone Compliant® Program, a systematic, risk-based noise assessment program that provides an effective and worry-free system to ensure your facilities continue to stay in compliance with regulatory and internal policy requirements.

The Program utilizes metrics based on internal corporate requirements and mandated environmental regulations, and it produces a comprehensive noise audit with our Strategic Tool for Assessing Risk (STAR). The STAR model classifies and ranks all facilities to determine which are at risk of non-compliance and community dissatisfaction.

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Compliance Testing

Detailed information on the equipment, facility, regulations and area residents are gathered to determine a risk-based classification for each facility. This is based on the level of environmental impact and risk of regulatory non-compliance of each.

Once facilities become Qzone Compliant, a Noise Impact Assessment Report and Certificate of Compliance are issued, and facilities are automatically added to a risk-based re-certification schedule for ongoing review and compliance.

Value-Added Benefits

  • Noise emission problem sources are identified and ranked by their severity of non-compliance
  • Ongoing relationship with Noise Solutions ensures results remain compliant
  • Operation is future-proofed – delays and costs for future approvals are reduced
  • Relationships with local regulators, residents and communities are sound
  • Claims for occupational hearing loss is reduced
  • Guaranteed results ensure your return on investment

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