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Industry Research Prepared by Noise Solutions

Silencing NASA’s Space Shuttle Crawler Transporter

Space Shuttle Crawler Transporter Hydraulic System Sound Control Measures

Integration of Noise Control into the Product Design Process: A Study of the Silent Aircraft Initiative

Evaluation of Wind Turbine Noise

Large Haul Truck Mufflers That Work

Partial vs. Full Acoustic Treatment of Conventional Gas Compression Facilities – Engines and Coolers

Acoustic Building Design

Coal Bed Methane & Integrated Acoustic Building Design

Noise Considerations in the Development of Coalbed Methane

Hydraulic Excavator Noise Control Case Study as Part of a Comprehensive Mitigation Plan of an Integrated Open-Pit Coalmine and Power Plant

Evolution of Noise Control Technology

Air Injection Vacuum Blower Noise Control

Using A Systematic Risk-based Noise Impact Assessment for Industrial Noise Control

Development of Criteria to Minimize Noise Annoyance from Industrial Applications

Controlling Low-Frequency Noise Using a Passive Silencer

Incorporating Low-Frequency Noise Legislation for the Energy Industry in Alberta, Canada

A Quieter Alberta, What Would it Take?


Third-Party Research Studies

Shushing the Giants – A TransAlta Study of Noise Mitigation

Community Noise (World Health Organization)

Industrial Noise and Its Effects on Humans, Polish Journal of Environmental Studies (2005)

Occupational Noise Limits in Indonesia, and Techniques and Problems of Industrial Noise Hearing Conservation Programs

Noise Mapping of Industrial Sources