The Acoustic Doghouse

acoustic doghouse


Noise Solutions’ Acoustic Doghouse is designed to attenuate and accommodate small industrial machinery that requires regulatory compliance. Most known for its superior application on heavy oil sites, the Doghouse can be used on virtually any site or in any industry where a small industrial acoustic enclosure is required.

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 Value-Added Features & Benefits

  • Acoustic Inlet and Outlet Ventilation system effectively traps noise and ensures cool air reaches equipment
  • Large acoustic doors provide access and keep noisy equipment contained within the building
  • Integrated Zeron Engine Exhaust Silencer is designed to deplete critical low-frequency noise with its silent shell
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic cooler leverages your building ventilation system to cool engine oil and/or hydraulic fluid
  • Assembly is quick and easy with minimal downtime
  • Rust-resistant powder coated frame
  • Value engineered and designed for optimal performance and longevity
  • Guaranteed results ensure your return on investment