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Compressor Attenuation in Colorado

Take a listen as this Standard Noise Solutions Self-Framing Building works to silence a 600hp Caterpillar Natural Gas Engine with a combination of our state of the art Zeron® Engine Exhaust Silencer, Acoustic Ventilation, and Cooler Silencer Packages. We took this compressor station with an approximate sound pressure level of 43dBA down to approximately 24dBA at the nearest resident (only 983’ away), the noise equivalent of a computer fan!

Featured on 21st Century Business Television

Watch Noise Solutions President and CEO, Scott MacDonald, discuss with Jackie Bales, host of 21st Century Business Television, the increasing need for industrial noise suppression solutions within intensely loud work environments, such as field workers at a Compressor station, and other noisy industrial environments that are encroaching on community residents.

Qzone Compliant Program

Watch this video to learn how you can ensure your facilities are and remain in full compliance with your local regulatory body. Also visit the Qzone page on our website.

Platinum Broadcasting Company’s Sustainable Planet Series

Watch a video that describes and demonstrates Noise Solutions unparalleled products, services and results.

 Trident Exploration Corporation – Sandhills Gas Plant Fort Assiniboine, Alberta

Watch a video showing the exceptional results in noise attenuation at the Sandhills Gas Plant.

 Auburn Compressor Station Susquehanna County, Auburn, Pennsylvania

Watch a video that demonstrates superior noise control at the Auburn Compressor Station


 Lafarge Canada’s Cement Plant Exshaw, Alberta

Watch a 25-foot, 14500 lb Noise Solutions Stack Silencer being lifted and gently placed inside the Lafarge Kiln.


The Science of Silence

Watch and listen to Noise Solutions’ products at work. This 3D demonstration shows our products outfitting a Compressor Station and the science of silence® in action.


3D Tour of the Acoustic Doghouse

The Noise Solutions Acoustic Doghouse has been designed to attenuate and accommodate small industrial machinery that requires compliance with local noise regulations. Most known for its superior application on heavy oil sites, the Doghouse can be used on virtually any site or industry where a small industrial acoustic enclosure is required. The Acoustic Inlet and Outlet Ventilation system effectively traps noise and ensures cool air reaches your equipment.

 Zeron Muffler on a Heavy Haul Truck

The Noise Solutions’ line of Zeron Engine Exhaust Silencers target the most pervasive and troublesome noise — the low frequency end of the noise spectrum that conventional mufflers can’t effectively control. These powerful mufflers attenuate both exhaust noise and shell noise. Even on a Heavy Hall Truck!

AJAX DPC-600hp Compressor Attenuation

This video depicts sound pressure levels before and after installation of Zeron engine exhaust, cooler inlet, cooler outlet, and the sound level in the yard after equipment has been installed.

NASA Video

Noise Solutions Inc. was recently featured on a CBC News World program for its work on the NASA Shuttle Crawler Transporter.

Video courtesy of CBC Television