EmCon Emissions Control Engine Exhaust Silencer

Zeron Emcon Silencer - Qustar install_compressed
Banner image for Zeron Emcon page_smThe EmCon Silencer combines Noise Solutions industry-leading engine exhaust silencer with a custom stainless steel catalytic converter to offer unparalleled noise reduction and to eliminate the toxic gas emissions from an industrial engine. The newest muffler in the Zeron product line, the EmCon efficiently targets output of rich burn and lean burn engines, as well as stationary diesel engines.
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Value-Added Features and Benefits

  • Silencer is designed to allow the Catalyst to sit low to the ground, eliminating the cost of maintenance platforms, catwalks and cranes
  • Stainless steel housing designed to withstand the most extreme duty applications, rated for 1.5 atmospheres pressure
  • Heat blanketing and wrapping not needed to maintain temperature above 350c
  • Special catalyst wash coat enables converter to perform more efficiently
  • High heat black powder-coating provides extra durability with greater longevity
  • As part of a Noise Control plan, it provides worry-free compliance for even the most stringent environmental operating permit
  • Combo unit offers superior noise control and reduces emissions from rich- and lean-burn natural gas, as well as diesel stationary engines.
  • Long-life operation, fewer service hours and a lower cost of ownership


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